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Team-building/Office/Workplace Choir



  • How can your team grow together, learning more about themselves and how to work together; as a group, to increase your profitability?


  • Where can you find a new, exciting, and fun way to reward your team and look forward to future success?


  • Look no further than 'choir team building' and choirs in the workplace with Funky Voices.




"thank you again for the team building workshop you provided for us on our away day. As you would expect, prior to the event we had mixed feeling from excitement to fear and everything in between. However, on the day your enthusiasm and professionalism really swept everyone up into a feeling of enjoyment, fun and most of all working together. The feedback since has been great, and following the day people are reporting a better sense of each other and positive feeling towards their team.  With kind regards"Havens Hospices


What's it all about?

Building on the huge public interest in choir singing, our highly qualified and fully trained tutors will take your team through a series of specially designed exercises, aimed at developing team-building, confidence, concentration, memory, and communications skills.

Your team will achieve more than they could imagine, singing together to deliver a performance with 'true harmony'. It is a challenge and opportunity that will never be forgotten!

From your sessions, you can expect:


  • An exciting and entertaining session

  • Excellent team bonding.

  • Improved communication skills.

  • Increased confidence in your team.

  • Improved concentration and memory.

  • Greater co-operation within the team, building 'true harmony'.


Various packages are available ranging from hourly, half/full days to weekly sessions


Growing as a team and as an individual

Our 'choir team building' sessions allow us to work with all kinds of groups, culminating in a full 'choir of harmony' singing together to your own audience.

Such performances and the experience of supporting each other have been shown to build confidence and develop teamwork.

Sessions can be filmed, photographed, or recorded for use on your company website, marketing material, or press releases.


Why Sandra?:

Sandra has over 20 years of dedicated teaching experience in numerous and varied choir, vocal and music ensembles gaining many accolades, awards and praise within communities as well as the media and music world. She is extremely professional, yet still enormous fun to work with. Sandra will bring success to every group she works with, so try her out.

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